Vitamin C
This range of Vitamin Tablets is effective in treating various health complications caused by deficiency of specific vitamins. Quality of these medications has been verified on the basis of their storage life and composition.
Available in different design choices, this range of Face Masks has become integral part of maintaining daily hygiene. Made of non woven PP material, melt blown fabric, this range of masks is wonderful option to avoid contamination and infection.
Hand Sanitizer
This range of Hand Sanitizers is known for its hypoallergenic content, accurate formulation and mild composition. Aromatic formulation, ability to destroy 99.9% bacteria and easy of administering are the key features of these products.
Calcium Tablet
Calcium Tablets are prescribed to treat osteoporosis especially for women and children of different age groups. These medications are effective in treating calcium deficiency. These are offered in different packaging forms.
Pharmaceutical Medicines
This range of Pharmaceutical Medicines is available in tablet, capsule and injection forms. Provided drugs are known for their long lasting result, side effects free composition and immediate action. Dosage of these medications depends on prescription of doctors.
Iron and vitamin based Effervescent Tablets are prescribed for boosting immunity, for treating potassium deficiency in blood and also to enhance vitality of human body. Formulated under controlled temperature, these drugs are side effects free.
Covid 19 Digital Infrared Thermometers are used for medical screening purpose. Featured with ABS housing, these instruments can measure -50 degree C to1650 degree C temperature range. These are easy to grip and operate.
Rapid COVID-19 Testing Kits are useful for detecting nCov antibody in human blood. These kits contain probe and primers to determine internal positive control for real time RT-PCR. These testing kits are cost effective.

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